Good day! My family, friends and business associates. [Hola/Namaste/Sat-Sri-Akal/Salaam/As-salamu-alaikum/vanakkam/Ciao/Bonjour/Bom jee ah/anyong haseyo]!

Having given Uber-rides to 40,000 passengers in Toronto, and have learned how to say hello in 25 languages, I’m hoping all of you are doing well.

We don’t know just how things are going to be settled in the world [if at all it will], due to the inhumane decision made to take war to the Ukraine for the purpose of murdering innocent people.

The likelihood of WW3 is imminent, which then would stall all businesses in significant ways.

As we are all in the world, seeking to pull out of covid-19 pandemic, yet the adversary has no end of seeking to destroy.

Some go to war as soldiers, others are physical supporters, while still; others are prayer warriors. Either way we all are in this for the long haul as there is no easy way for ending pandemic, the current Euro issues or the pending WW3.

Nevertheless, we’ll still need to make our business plans, but while doing so, be very vigilant and consider our options. What can we do, should the worst come to our doorsteps?

If we are able to move forward with this business development, I desire that you should know that ‘ALL OF YOU’ currently onboard, here and now are called or invited here to receive subtle training, knowledge and updates of this organization being formed, are the managing directors team of RVPs and the pioneers of this organization that we/re forming and who will be the leaders of this company even after I’m gone.