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This organization will pay to each affiliate person who are hired by the similar minimum wage as is mandated in Ontario, Canada, which is $14.25 (Yr.2020) per hour that is equivalent in payments by commission.

I am Michael (Amos) Blackhall, from Sandy Bay responding to financial contributions request to the Sandy Bay Charitable Project (SBMA). Nevertheless, if we can do for one, we assumed we can do for all charitable organizations as the concept is general and global.

The SBMA (Sandy Bay Members Association)

I observed that their goal seems to be for dealing primarily with the infrastructural issues and projects of Sandy Bay particularly, while our BAWT Affiliate Program along with CK-Kuya Project is for developing various earnings strategies for (ALL) my family members (first), then extend equal opportunity to be a medium for earning extra income into pockets of all participants, without fore-judging who need this or not.

This endeavour, is not only for the SBMA members, but for all the families wherever they are, or live, in the world.

Since most people cannot come to Canada, or to other abroad countries in search of jobs or opportunities, I have created many of those opportunities to earn; as if you were here in Canada, to be at the same minimum starting hourly rate and with some regular benefits applied when performing and producing equivalent in sales output.


Here at BAWT, we are interested in the talents & skills of persons that are not being used, as we now have plans in place to help people to start using their dormant skills they were blessed with.

Here are few points to consider:

  • All options being offered does outweigh building your own ecommerce website.
  • Currently we are offering that, any eCommerce product you wish to sell online; we have already prepared to give that to you at no charge. We have onboard; professional website developers now ready to create what you desire as the basics for any 2-personalized website pages at no charge, that are loaded with free marketing and just about any products you may ask for.


After pandemic the world will lose 20-30% of companies, a lot of companies will shut down with jobs lost.

  • Along with eCommerce sales, you will be able to earn commissions from the likes of Tourism-Excursions [when that comes back online], as well as all trades, competitions, entertainments and various events now starting up, each by changes & stages at a time.
  • As a Certified TICO Travel Advisor [Travel Industry Council of Ontario], we are organized to sell services in those sectors to include accommodations, so if plans for 2021 pull through as anticipated, those are all areas for everyone to earn commissions from across the board and not just from eCommerce only.
  • The scope of possibilities at <BAWT.tech> are great and hopefully help, so that EVERYONE CAN” GAIN FROM; AFTER PANDEMIC.


  • BAWT will operate parallel with SME, Local stores, all shops, parlours, spas, medicals & hospitals, trades, other charitable organizations, and SBMA as they are currently working with much infrastructural tasks that BAWT won’t need to do ourselves in our various projections. We are also open to your suggestions or negotiation on how you can fit in as an associate in this corporation.


  • Where pricing may be a concern for someone, we have added on the website where shoppers can negotiate for reasonable price they wish to pay.
  • If someone wants to purchase and wish to Pay by Installments, that’s already set up on the website.
  • If a shopper likes to bid on products we have also set up a purchase by bidding also.


PROS: Establishing the company is not an idea anymore, All of the above that officiates a corporation is already in place from Jan of 2018. Now we are sourcing to build up our management team, associates and affiliates to start working.

CONS: Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks people will have; is that to question, “How are we able to do this for free?” It’s pretty simple really; once we come to realize that, in this life my friends; nobody truly owns anything!

  • Our interest is mostly in selling products and never ask for any monthly membership fees. If we are a team of many who invite 2-affiliates per month [20/year], the company will likely earn enough profit that everyone can have and own [1-share of those overall] profits plus 15% commission across your webpages, plus your invoicing from freelance service you can offer, or by salaried income you may earn from BAWT.
  • We have organized to hire “Independent Self-employed” [Outside Sales Promotional Reps], agents, self-employed contractors and everyone working by commission from all countries where affiliates are signed up from.
  • Affiliates can now set up small businesses as resellers of our products, either by franchising or just to retail our products in their physical stores, kiosks, flea-markets, as well as online by our free websites & social media.
  • If a person is a ‘Local Plumber or Home Reno,’ now “EveryOne {plumbers} Can” have a FREE website page that points to land on products associated with their jobs, like: Under-kitchen Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System and monthly replacement filters & accessories. Those plus commissions from Travel excursion, events and also “Destination Wedding” commissions and not just from plumbing services or replacement parts.


Beginning in 2022, BAWT will hire from those performing shareholders/managers to be Board Of Director members.

As part of the reason for giving 1- free share, is that the company needs to get teams together as quickly as possible for us to handle significant upcoming developments as part of this current phase-4 and into phase-4.5 projects. There are 6-phases involved that will get quite intense per phase.


What is being implied here is, the company can use all specific skill-sets and invite you to be a 1- free Shareholder/director. This is a one-time offer to everyone who is interested in 2021.

You are invite to share this publication, to anyone you like. This is; “Where Everyone Can!”

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