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Our Mission

Endeavour to create a community engaged in the welfare and financial liberation of people everywhere.

Many people has said; 

  • They have no jobs,
  • They have nothing to sell,
  • They have no business to earn income to pay or repay needful debts,
  • They have no earnings to pay bills or justified cost of living or dying expenses.
  • Due to the above four items they are not able to donate or contribute to any charities

Those are all parts of the primary reasons that this BAWT.Inc and CK-Kuya Project was created.

Our Goal

Is to source income/revenues to as many families possible,

  • Funds to re-training programs,
  • to assist rebuilding of damaged community infrastructures,
  • generate sales to SME companies,
  • Funds generating assistance as aid to SMEs and local businesses,
  • Assisting to stay profitable with aid for pushing back lay-off, even after COVID-19 Pandemic.

Accomplishing Our Goal

By this effort we have also organized means for earnings and participation through non-contact competitions: Follow This SignUp Button.

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Are You Donating Somewhere?

If you donate any amount of funds to any charity company which was from your commission earned here, we in turn [with approved documentation and registration] will match and donate the exact amount you donated on your behalf to that project, to help with their justified target funding.

You’ll just inform us of the charitable organization you are donating to and we’ll contact them to set up an account that, We’ll donate with you to double your contributions to that organization when your commissions from us was contributed to that charity org. <https://batravel.ca/about-ushttps://batravel.ca/about-us>


Although set in place are currently not enforced per our promo-2021-22.

The standing [non-refundable after 90-days] registration fee per year: Applies!

  • (Option-A) US$1500 prorated to 90-days [Paid per month at US$125]
  • (Option-B) US$1000 prorated to 90-days [once per year]


SIGN-UP OR LOGIN – Partnering with you, together we can do all those needful things.

This work cannot be done single handedly or from a shallow pocket. Please visit this Urgent Link Now and see how you are able to help this mission and quest.


We wish to list you, your Freelancing, Independent business or your company as contributing partners.

If you can visualize values to your business and would like you to ‘Join Us as a Partner Now?’ Kindly sign up.

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Founder Bio


I am Michael A. Blackhall, A People Talent Hunter

I am enthusiastic, very joyful about being able to created various ways with means to motivate, able by helping in capacities where people are found in very great need of opportunities, talented or not.

This is especially expected after COVID-19 Pandemic. We are positioned to “HELP” in doing our part.

By this current website, other operating link for eCommerce <ckkuya.com>

Our Personal Shopify Social Media Website <https://www.ckkuya.com/a/shopicial>

Our various FB. & Social Media Portals.

The 30K Passengers Motivation

Having had the opportunity to safely chauffeured and gave rides to 30,000+ Rideshare passengers [one from each culture represented in Toronto, GTA {The most multicultural city}], have opened my eyes to first hand witness of people in dire financial need.

A Slew of Stories

From my many random and momentary cultural experiences, I have begun to write my stories to a novel.

[My Novel of great and fascinating true random stories are currently being written]. Publishing expected by 2023.

By this perception, I’ve found my way for assisting as many people (through the www.) as would desire our offered ‘FREE’ services.

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