MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES -BAWT-BYLAWS-FORMATION – MAY062022 CAREER, SIDE-HUSTLE, EXTRA-GIGS You’ll also have the chance for steering your career options and opportunities basically in the way and direction that you desire it […]


A VOICE OF ENCOURAGEMENT A VOICE OF HOPE Good day! My family, friends and business associates. [Hola/Namaste/Sat-Sri-Akal/Salaam/As-salamu-alaikum/vanakkam/Ciao/Bonjour/Bom jee ah/anyong haseyo]! Having given Uber-rides to 40,000 passengers in Toronto, and have […]


ATTENTION: FAREEHA/MADISON/PAMELLA/DEEPIKA/JASKARANPREET/PATRICK(Philippines-Korea)/JACINTHA/REGINE/OTHERS OF INTEREST Greetings & pleasant day to you! I am Michael A. Blackhall (President and founder) Thank you all for your very valued participation and collaborations. I’m excited […]