Private: SBP/Second Income

Michael A. Blackhall
Toronto, Ontario 66777

I am Michael (Amos) Blackhall, from Sandy Bay responding to the financial contributions to the Sandy Bay Project (SBP). I observed that the calling received to organize SBMA seems to be for dealing primarily with the infrastructural issues and projects of SB particularly. I received my calling for developing the earnings strategies for (ALL) my Blackhall family members (first), then equally for all the citizens of Sandy Bay, particularly as a medium for earning extra money into their pockets without fore judging who need or not. That as soon as I can launch this Corporate endeavour, it will not just be for the SBMA members, but for all families from, or of Sandy Bay, and anyone wherever they are, or live, who accept and participate, in this online or offline job offers. Since most persons cannot come to Canada, or to other abroad countries for job opportunities, I have created those opportunities for you to earn as if you were here in Canada; to be at the same starting hourly rate and with regular benefits
This organization will pay to each person who are hired by the similar minimum wage as is mandated in Ontario, Canada, which is $15 per hour and equivalent in payments by commissions (BASED ON OUTPUT).
While the company will not track the hours worked, each person will work from home or wherever, at their own pace and be self-motivated first.
The company pays extra bonuses, plus 4% holiday pay, plus, the company will pay/reimbursement for phone data-plan which serve to resolve an issue of not having any at-home Wi-Fi., for their children to do online school work . There will be much more benefits built-in for attracting people to do this work. On the website there will be classified job postings available, where persons can choose what they are comfortable and capable in doing, and what works for them.

Who Can Apply?

All persons will be able to participate whether they are literate or not, whether they require accessibility assistance or not, whether they are healthy or not, and even if one is not able to see by their own eyes anymore can still be earning by our business concept.

This is for all persons over the age of fifteen who owns, or has access to a smart-phone, or access to a trusted computer. If one does not own any smart phone, no access to any computer, or not able to use any digital equipment, they can find a friend or relative who does. No one will be left out except they do not wish to participate. No one dare say anymore that they cannot find any job.

Everyone can apply!
Matched Contributions

Furthermore, from the potential earnings, participants can now make donations or contributions from their earnings and not necessarily from their regular job earnings. Furthermore, whatever donations or contributions made by participants to the SBP, my company proposed to match all donations or contributions made to the SBMA for the SB Projects.

This is not a small undertaking, but I am working very diligently and effectively to bring it to fruition and where it can be accessible to all and asap.

I have been working on this project development since 2017 and it still require a few more months till at least January 2021 before I am satisfied. Nevertheless; it will gradually be introduced ahead of time.

There are three linked website and one MLM Software that I am currently setting up, coming soon.


“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food and their belongings with the poor.

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