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Questions Brought Forward by SBMA Group Chat – Thur. Sept. 16, 16:51

  • What can we do as a group to curb the violence and to restore our community to a safe place? 
  • What can we bring to our youths in the community to bring back harmony?
  • What can we do to ease the turmoil anger and gun-violence of our youth

That is one of the most important, urgent, and meaningful comments and questions I have read so far. But don’t get me wrong, what things generally commented on here are needful and also very important as a community, family and friends, but when it comes to rectifying where the behavior of our people is a concern, and where other people, loved ones and as a community are being hurt; it becomes most important and urgent. 

Comments by Michael Blackhall

We must think on these things, as it will take some time with much discussions before we will be able to notice any conclusive resolve.

I have read a bunch of relative question and comments and have pondered inadept to find what the root of these problems is, which is very similar to those questions the world over where no one can figure out any resolve.

I have spent thirty-five years in Toronto fixing broken machines and equipment, designing  equipment to resolve or prevent and predict problems and issues, but through all that, the most important thing I came to realize was that, for every action we take there is an opposite and near if not equal reaction that must be considered while trying to do something as a resolve.

That also, having found a resolve also pointed to the law of cause and effect, which brings me to say that in order to do something we must know what the cause and the root of the problem is we are trying to resolve.

Honestly, sometimes when I hear people preaching the things they say or repeats what they heard or misread does bother me as it does not make any sense and mostly turn away other people.

But I can tell you this and with an assurance and promise that, if we go to the Bible and read every word of Jesus Christ and forget about most of the other jargons written in the scriptures, we will most certainly discover what we need to do.

All those jargons in the scriptures brings a clouding of judgements to many people and cause much confusion. And if the church would just practice all the things what Jesus said this world “MUST BECOME A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERY NATION, KINGDOM AND TONGUE.”

The thing is, do not interpret what Jesus said, He meant things the way he said it. I agree that some things were analogies as a point of giving to reference, as in the one about the fig tree, or the comparison of the spirit with the wind, while others were exactly as said by him found in the King James Version (KJV). or if you can find earlier scriptures.


1) Probably nothing, as this problem is older than the earth.

2) This will take a lot of reading and writing and focusing only on the conversations where Jesus was included. Nearly everything else are distractions and stumbling blocks that deters away from the answers and resolve to our concerns.

For example, we are told and have been given in meditation that; “When a loved one is sick we are to wait, and wait and wait and wait,” while Jesus said; “If someone is sick you must take them to see the Doctor forthwith.” So what are we waiting for? Many have waited and later found out that their condition have worsen beyond their salvation and they died, whereas; if they had gone to see their doctor they might have lived.

I am using myself as a prime example, as a fourth-year survivor of the same cancer disease that killed my own father.

“Someone said that when your money has run out you must wait.” By an opposition to that ideology, I feel that, we should practice what faith is about. That is; to realize that, “faith without work is dead!” Therefore; before your money runs out, we must use our gift that God has given us and be practical about it.

Michael A. Blackhall

Think and Create 
God has lent to us his power of creation. We are able to think of things and go ahead and create what we wants for ourselves, while someone said, “…we tend to rush for what we think is best for us…” When this is the power itself and gift from God, that we can know what is best for us and our own family. Therefore; “…do not deny the gift that is within us.” That we must think, ponder and pray that when we said to the mountain move, that it must be moved.
And then we must remember that we are here to practice “to become perfect, even as God is perfect,” that by so doing, we must also remember that, *“God call the things that are not as though they are,” that is, when we are thinking of things, we must believe that we have already accomplished those things with no doubting.
*SIDE NOTE: I recall this similarity of mindset and thinking as pertaining to how; “God call things that are not, as though they are.” 
That, in a movie (Hidden figures) based on a true story of Kathrine G. Johnson, in figuring out the various equations to come up with the coordinates from launching to returning and splash-down of the space craft and astronaut from a first space orbiting, it was this lady who was the mathematics genius who came up with that equation, that after a statement of their boss, who believed in that space mission said something to this effect that, ‘while figuring out these equations; his thoughts are as though they have already been there and back, they just need to figure out how they did it.’ 
My point is, we are to focus on the mark, the task at hand, and of what we desire to accomplish; believing that we have already done it. Otherwise; and by other terms and periferals can be interpreted as; “those are distractions and stumbling blocks to our mission and the goal in view.”

The Goal Ahead

As a boy, my dad had breadfruit trees, mango trees that many people can relate to. When someone has decided to pick a fruit from a tree, many of time a long stick was used or we climb the tree, but no one has ever climbed a tree before looking to see which fruit was wanted.

This analogy is that, in climbing, no one takes the time for the following:

1) To measure by a ruler how tall the tree was, how big, or slender all the limbs were; by using a measuring tape.

2) No one cares about how many leaves were on that tree or the number of young fruits on it.

3) Who cares how deep the roots went down in the earth.

All of those are very important to the tree itself but the point is, I only need that one fruit which is my goal, and in relationship to the rest of the bible, we don’t need to preach to the youth all the books and verses of the Kings, the Chronicles, all of the old and new testaments to get to the goal, wherein those are much confusion and distraction from the main task at hand.

Study everything that Jesus said and taught, and we would be able to resolve our problems that the world have been facing for many thousands of years ago and we still cannot get it.

Every country and generations have tried literally everything, and yet we have not determined answer to the question of what we can do.

This problem is largely the faults of all the churches and all the preachers from the top to the least of the subordinates, everyone is just a single member of the pack of stumbling dominoes, repeating and ever repeating what are nonsense to them that does not add up or make any sense to their minds.

Except we focus on Jesus Christ and his teachings we are forever missing the mark as have been for generations and many thousands of years of killing and doing all that is wrong against our own kind and kin.

So if all that was not clear, let me just say it this way:

We are to realize that, what has been said for millenniums, did not work, and the devil is still ranting and our people are listening to an invasion of their thoughts, and acting as the devil’s pawns, thereby hurting families, loved ones and communities in general.

Spiritual Warfare
People like to talk about this, and yet many people still don’t catch on to what that’s even is all about which of a fact, our problems are just that. And yes, we all know that Satan the devil is the driving force and instigator of it all, but the world still don’t know how to shun him, even as Jesus has made it crystal clear.
And in another place it is written, “that, to resist the devil and he will flee,” but that is only for a season, yet the church has missed that point grossly, even as the disciples of Jesus Christ had also missed it and were reprimanded by the Savior many times. Even after his death he returned and they were shocked from disbelief, thus again Christ reprimanded again. Nevertheless he still blessed them.
We are to stop repeating and referencing the things we read that does not make any sense anymore and is really seen as nonsense in these days, to this generation, especially to many of this, and the younger generation coming up.
Who are already exposed to much drugs and substances that makes them high; not realizing that this is one of the most effective tools of the devil, to first make them feel that they are having a great time and from one thing that leads to another, they cannot see when or that they are inebriated and their judgement is impaired.
All, or most of those things we “meditate on” does only serve in these days to drive our youth away from those things which most certainly leads to our salvation and everlasting life. If we can just teach them to focus on the things first what Jesus Christ said, and taught. Learn those things first and no other scripture.
They are to understand what he has said from one chapter to the next. Note: He promised that knowledge would (must) increase and that we in these times would be doing greater works than he did in those times, as he said to the people over two thousand years ago. Note: We are in this time now and we can see and realize what has transpired over all those many centuries

Invasion of Thoughts

This had started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when Satan himself at that time had no physical appearance, but by an invasion of thoughts caused mother Eve to think that the snake (who was not the Satan the devil) was communicating to her (Eve) and in a language that Eve could understand, and to the very detail and specific conversation in a dialogue from point to point, in great and accurate details, not realizing that what thoughts she was receiving from Satan the devil; was nothing other than; “An invasion of her thoughts,” which from Eve’s actions brought death to all humankind.

The devil used the same invasion of thoughts with Cain and thus he commits murder by killing his brother, and so it follows throughout the ages and each time the devil invades people’s thoughts and they gave attention to those thoughts people die.

Kings and rulers have listened to the devil’s invasion of thoughts to the desires of wealth and lands and to setup their own government not listen to God, but in the end much civilizations wiped out by wars throughout the ages.

The Satan the devil tried this with Jesus a number of times, but Jesus knew him very well.

The devil also tried the very same invasion of people’s thoughts with all of the Prophets of God, but they too knew what the devil was all about.

The devil used the same invasion of people’s thoughts with Judas and he commits suicide.

By Satan’s Rebellion

You see, because the devil was denied the work, which was given to Jesus Christ, he rebelled and vowed that he would use all possible resources to destroy mankind, that he should have dominion over all the earth instead.

According as Satan the devil had planned, people now, in these days are not killing each other fast enough, hence the COVID-19 and other diseases of time past are all plans from that devil.

Yes! Black lives and all lives matter but know that each person who would act in any discriminatory way; is working under the influence of the same devil’s thoughts invasion.

All person who commits an offence against God/Jesus Christ or the Holy spirit/ghost; is under the influence of the same devil’s thoughts invasion.

All person who commits an offence against his brother/sister/neighbor/ is under thoughts invasion.

All human persons are offspring and small parts of who and what God truly is. We are all billions of little parts of God, hence, our abilities to think constructively, intelligently, logically and intuitively to be able to create anything we want, either individually or as a team whereas; anything that require the efforts of a team cannot be accomplished by an individual.

Jesus is our brother therefore; we are all heirs of the great blessings of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

Our goal and destination is to accomplish, and become, “Perfect even as God is perfect.” We are to come to a point where we are able to say, “I am in the father and the father is in me. Then we are to be able to say that, “I and the father are one,” but this cannot be accomplished in just one of our short lifetimes.

For those reasons we are here to learn and experience all of what God is and is about, therefore, “Our spirits must be born again,” and not just to be buried under water for two seconds. Until we have experienced all things just as Jesus have over many lifetimes, have lived many lives and have experienced all things from one dimension to the next, from the lowest low to the highest heights to the full circumference of all eternities and of heights and depts we cannot see the kingdom of God, nor to be ushered into; “The Collectives” of heaven.

Putting it bluntly, that, anyone talking otherwise are all fools and blind leaders of the blind. You cannot live from after the age of accountability (say from above twelve years of age to 100+) and believing that to die today is present with the father in heaven, that is not how it works. You cannot earn your place with God until you have finished your schooling in every possible aspect as mention above and as Jesus Christ had done. And, whereas this earth life is just part of the infancy of our progression before we are able to even enter into “godhood training.”

What, you didn’t realize that there must also be a godhood training? Sorry! This will be discussed in one of my books coming by 2022.

Therefore, no one can enter in, or see the kingdom of heaven; until after many rebirths, all training accomplished, and all learning in all wisdom and knowledge before we can arrive in our father’s kingdom of heaven.

Note also that meditations are indicating that, certain persons among us does nothing that is sinful, nor have any sins associated in that person’s life, which is false preaching, that because every person alive on earth have sinned daily, every last one of us do, and if anyone claim to have not sinned therefore the truth is not in you and this already is the sin and you have not paid attention.

The Morning Stars
Just think about this for a moment. Lucifer, called as, “The Morning Stars,” had excelled above all his brothers and was ready for his final test, but even to his level of excellence who had excelled in his godhood training and who was first in line to go and create the earth still failed, and had led away many of the chosen ones by his arrogance.
Do you believe that God is going to make that mistake and to call back all of his children who had just left the nurseries of earth to be called adults to his throne before they have accomplished their studies and their journeys? Not at all! 
All spirits of the wicked are subject unto us:
This is to say that, we must all come to the understanding that all human persons do hear spirit voices in between the 50,000-70,000 thoughts we received per day. And whereas; this is one of the ways that God; (NB) by the Holy spirits and angels communicates to us.
It is the same way that the devil invades our thoughts, hence we were told, even warned, that “many spirits are gone out in the world” and not all are of God, nor of good, or meant for good, therefore we must try each spirit to realize which are of God, of Holy and righteous spirits, or of angels.
Here is an example: there was a man of God, a preacher nonetheless named, Baalam. He was riding a donkey on his way to do or to be involved with something that God said, “do not do this thing.”  On approaching a bridge, or a place where the road narrowed, his donkey went off the path as it saw a spirit which Baalam could not. Baalam was angry at the donkey and beat it harshly.
Having done that, he heard a voice as though the donkey was talking to him, nevertheless, it was an angel that by a process of tapping into Baalam’s thoughts made him believed that the donkey was actually talking to him until the angel showed himself to Baalam. This was the very similar thoughts input the Satan used with mother Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Re: Angels:
Note: Holy and righteous angels do have bodies just as Jesus does and we do. Lucifer had a body, but due to his arrogance and disobedience the signature and power of his physical ability to be embodied as angels and Jesus Christ are able, that was taken away (destroyed) from Lucifer who is Satan and the devil, nevermore to be made possible. Hence, he need physical persons to do his biddings but we do not have to do works of evil for him.

We Entertain Angels

We were also told that we must not neglect to entertain strangers for at times we entertain angels unaware. Angels are not always in spiritual state. We know this from many occurrences throughout the scripture. Does this happen in our real life? Absolutely! I’ve had a few of those incidents written in my books coming out sometime in or after 2021.

We can know which spirit is meant for good when you inquire of that or those spirits, or the thoughts that were received.

Know this, that, thoughts precedes actions, therefore we have time to try the spirits, or thoughts to measure them up with; whether they are of good report? Are they honorable, do they do right, do they seem pure, are they lovely, admirable, is anything excellent or praiseworthy about those thoughts?

We must know this, otherwise; anything short of the above is of the devil, therefore shun those thoughts forthwith. This is what we must instill to our youths, i.e. The how to shun those thoughts and feelings before they become woven into our list of things to do.

Nevertheless, to the questions regarding these next few items:

Q1:“What can we do as a group to curb the violence and to restore our community as a safe place?”

Q2: What can we bring to our youths in the community to bring back harmony?”

Q3: “What are we going to use as a tool, is it sports?”

Someone said, “This is what life is all about,” and: “ is all about good over evil, and we have to do what we have to do!” Well this is such a very small effort towards consolation, whereas; that still leave us with the same question, “What can we do?”

Firstly, we must be prudent to and be sensitive to the individuals, to their plights and dilemmas and the various scenarios which they are faced with. That we must also consider their generational pressure under which they found themselves to wrestle with and which are also spiritual and the war that rages within.

When we have laid down this foundation on the subject of finding a resolve, we now can make the steps to approaching our youths and have them feel loved.

Now that they are beginning to feel loved, they are to understand the spiritual fire and war that burns within, and so, what was it that cause the igniter to be sparked within them? There is definitely a very long list of possible reasons, but to name a few we can start to work on, are these few as here listed.

Some general hints to the cause:
Was it a lack of money? a lack of attention, stress, lack of being loved, loneliness, jealousy, testosterone issues, attention disorder, a feeling of leadership challenge, the sound of lots of money, not able to feel satisfied with little or a lot, greed, not liking self, a feeling of natural contemptuousness, a feeling of natural irritability (bad-tempered, moody, always waspish).
To name a few.
Ask the youth by a general survey in the communities and online.
Get their opinion, allow them to feel involved with our concerns.
What do they think or feel could help to resolve those issues?
Progress to some over the years:
Here are a few of what was seen as progress to some, whereas; due to these areas of concerns, where the boldness of people fighting for their rights had caused much riots and fatalities in the past.
It was called out for the backing off from the following:
Restrictions against personal decision relating to sexual orientations. Granted!
Backing off from hedonism. Granted!
It was called out for legalization of certain drug related and controlled substances such as marijuana (ganja previously called the wicked herb). Granted!
The backing off from the practice of anything related to witchcraft, such as the practice of clairvoyance dealings, the concoctions of elixir, palm reading, etc. Granted!
As those called out areas of concerns were granted, has it made much of a difference to ourselves, or wellbeing?
Has it brought a reduction to people’s salvation where God, Jesus and heaven is concerned?
Did it resolve or even reduced the actions leading to violence, fatalities, people’s mindset and behavior when compared to thirty, forty years or more ago? 
Well did it?
Whether it did or not, we must look to things which are forward thinking, that promotes progressiveness and continuous improvements to one and all. Many things of fifteen hundred years BC does not work here in the twenty-first century AD. And no, God has not changed but time has, therefore we have, if not already we must.

Give, and it shall be given unto you; in good measure”

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