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You’ll Wonder

I began writing my thoughts in these context after my seven hours long Cancer surgery of October 2016, and I can state that prior the surgery, I felt like I had arrived at an impasse, with a great gulf in the front and facing me, where no one survive this end, once arrived at this point. This is by a promise to an end for each person. Unless of course, you have unfinished business with TGOD (The Great One of Deity) who is the giver and the taker of all things.

You see, I developed the very same disease as my dad had experienced back in 1996 and died in seven months later. After my surgery, I spent two more days in the hospital for observation and as I was on my way to home, I felt that the gulf that was my impasse, is now behind me and I am on the other side of that great gulf and my view ahead; is clear in front of me.

There was no need that I should receive any medications or therapy.

Since I have a mind for troubleshooting and a precursor regarding the things I speak about, that after my surgery it became as real and vivid, and I felt enlightened of and about these things I speak, that comes out naturally.

Thus, I feel always the assurance and confirmation that these things are true, are right, even excellent and worthy of praise, as they are answers to questions previously asked without getting any answer. These are also answers to questions which are not even asked; due to fear of one’s rebuke for to even be bold enough to ask such a question.

You know, many of us may have noticed some similarities when looking back over the years, that for certain and for real, that someone truly is ordering or has ordered our steps of past, present and no doubt; future.

It does not matter too seriously whether someone goes to church or not, especially while we are alive, despite what you may hear or read, you probably will, or, possibly are already receiving the very same blessings as those who do faithfully attend their places of worship; even to some of the most prestigious churches/temples/synagogues in; “the world” that are (Probably) mostly just beautifully standing there.

My Testimony

I am very happy to testify to you (here on SBMA group-chat), that, Much of what I am made aware of; as it pertains to all of your passions for Sandy Bay, Jamaica, is that, I too follow that same passion as you all do.
You are able to notice this very passion and my given mission when you observe the thoughts and plans that could have lead me to write and create such an endeavour towards my feelings for all. It is as written that, “No one truly claim Jesus Christ as Lord; except by the leadings of the Holy Spirit.” I do!
Also I testify to you that (regarding my steps being ordered by the Lord, and his angels to execute those orders since I was a child; and throughout the years, is that, this same good Lord has lend life to me and then some extras), and I believe with no doubting, that, “I might have died a bunch of times where the Lord gave a splicing to my timeline and so here I am.”
After accepting those realizations and added them to my testimony, I also began to observe that, for each task I am given to accomplish, He; the Lord, by his assigned guardian angels, and by the Holy spirit of truth never fails to point me to, or send to me those whom he had positioned to help, assist, encourage, inspire, provided the means for funding and council me in order to fortify those things which I am meant to do or to accomplish.
There are so much more that I have to say to anyone who will read this, I encourage you, please Click Here! Go to my Blog and read further how I might help and assist in our task as a team. These sayings are also how we are to work with our youth that must assist to calm the anger that rage in some or many.
MAB;  It’s Just One Love!
There are so much more I am a witness to, have experienced daily, to know for certain those things which are obvious and an indicator, that there is a specific guardian angel with me all the time when I am awaken, in my days and when I sleep, that by many very amazing dreams I receive constantly are quite vivid and beautiful does confirm to me my guardian angel whom I chose to name as, “CK Kuya,” for reasons explained in my book that hopefully you will come to read later on.
The Lord in his mercies has for certain fulfilled his promises that, “He shall give His angels charge over you…” “they shall bear you up…” “He will give His angels orders concerning you, to …” I have no shortage of these facts over my life and since I was only days old and all this way to have cleansed me from Cancer in year 2016 to making me whole until he decide when it is time for me to return.

The major differences are, what you do for and on behalf of others that truly matters, but don’t be telling people today, to go ahead and throw your bread into the river and sit there somewhere and wait, wait for it to come back to you. Don’t tell them that! In these days it is not practical. Tell the same story but in a way that this generation understands it.
And again, don’t be preaching to anyone about the “widows mite (penny),” that is someone who is planning to steel from the poor. When that story was first told, it was not meant in the same spirit as it is being used in this and previous generations.
But, give to them freely instead, and with love; show them how to earn upon that penny, then let them go and live their lives, and if so be, they will come again bearing gifts. What you do after that which is for good, will be by that spirit of truth that remain in you.
Also, leave the slogans and jargons of thine and thou and cometh, believeth and all those behind, we are not in those times of many years passing. It is part and parcel of the reasons we needed to be independent from the commonwealth.
Those are what Christopher Columbus brought around the world and also made a mess of things among the people.
We are in Jamaica, America, Canada so do not try to force these things on the youth, because they do not talk or respond to those. Not in this future not in this generation for many years passing.
Pushing towards the age of the big “SEVEN-O” in 2021, I have recounted my steps (so to speak), I have no doubting that God in his mercies had assigned angels to watch over me for all through the days and years of my life. And yes! I have already written a book telling these very stories from since I was born, even how I escaped hurricane Charlie in 1951 just days after my birth July 18th, whereas many rooftops blew away and many people died as many or more than 252. My cousin’s across the lane, had part of their rooftop blew away and I was safe.
Pages for my books consists of just shy of six hundred letter-size pages, or more than, when counting all of other related contents that are saved on my computer, and others on my website back-office not published as yet which are still to be compiled for editing, publishing and marketing in 51 countries paid for.
My book was to be published from last year 2019, but since I had never done any form of creative writing, I just went ahead and let my fingers follow the dictate from my thoughts; as though listening to a dictator. After those many pages, my daughter, Naomi-Joy told me, she said, “Dad, amazing stories, but sorry to diss you, but you have to start over from the beginning, as you have about 3-4 separate books all in one, you must separate them.” Hence my delays. Then the Pandemic came.

Progress not Regress
Note also that, I will come under fire but not burn because of the things that I speak out against, and at times I argue at those as being follies, or nonsense that do not work anymore but which has too many of what do cause regression instead of progression, and where persons do not acknowledge that, “We must improve, we must progress,” as this is the very primary reasons that we are here in this life where people the world over are still yet to understand.
We are all here at school, and so why, or what do we go to school for, is it to figure out how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together? Is it to chink two Flintstones together that we might be able to cook by roasting outback somewhere? I don’t believe so! We must become forward thinking people.
Note also that, the people who do not make any true spiritual progressions are the same who received the one talent and buried it instead of building on it. Where this has nothing to do with money in the bank, but that our being here is spiritual affecting the physical. It is about what we debrief unto “Our Father.” “TGOD” (i.e. The Great One of Deity) upon our return.
What then! Do we think that we were just accidentally born here and that’s it? Or that we are only here to just sing; jump-up-shouting; give praises; bow down and worship in all our days, for all the years, then we finally die to enter into the kingdom in front of the throne room altar of God that we may continue the very same as we’ve been doing here on earth, in all of our (probably useless or wasted) lives, bearing no gifts when we return? I don’t believe so!
Walking on streets of gold, entering through gates of pearls, towards our mansion on some hill somewhere, or you’ll meet me waiting and sleeping by some river somewhere over yonder you said? 
The BIG Question is:
Why do we even bother to tell or to sing these things to the people constantly?
Why are we promoting those materialistic sayings to people and relating them with heaven constantly?
Why are those things important to us if God and us are spirits?
Comments of that nature makes my head spin. Do not entertain those thoughts! Hate me if you will, you have my permission, but nothing of any fact goes that way with respect or regarding heaven that we should be concerned with.
Talks of that nature are clearly nonsense that have no bearing on our salvation, therefore; why the mention?

There is so much more that I have written in the pages for my books that I cannot write fast enough to finish them.
Many will remain stagnant and mulling over the very same ideologies of 1500 centuries BC., whereas; we were told that knowledge will (must) increase, and that greater works shall be accomplished than what we have heard, seen or done two millenniums ago. Hence the same reasons why the people spent forty years circling in the wilderness not finding their way out; because they were afraid of embracing change; “Change that must bring progress.”
God said, “Look here, I set before your life and death,” but what did the mother of us all did? She went and chose to die that we might live to learn all those things what we need in order for us to become, “Perfect even as God is perfect,” that we, after much progress are able to arrive at the point when we can then state that, “I am in the father and the father is in me, that I and the father are one.” And yet some of us still placed the blame on mother Eve, not being able to see the vision for humanity and for who we truly are, which we are spirits first and now gaining a physical experience here on earth!

Some talks and others inquired about dying? Our bodies must, but not us, for we are spirits! That is what we are. Like God is a spirit then, so too we are. Our bodies to us are like the hand and the glove that are discarded.
It is written that after much or some training by a theory, God said, pointing at an object (being physical), that, to choose this way you will live, but should you choose the opposite you will certainly die within this very same day. Then God said, “Nevertheless; it is given unto you, choice for yourself.
Wherein; that day was meant to us as a thousand years, whereas; we only have possibly up to 130, but mostly far less before our bodies die.
Wherein, Adam’s body did die near or towards the end of that same day being 960 years.
Whereas, Adam and Jesus had ten or more of our lifetimes to practice just how to become “Even as God is perfect!” So, why would it be practical that when we (our body) die we will be present with the father? Doesn’t add up.
But, does it need to add up? Yes, it does, that because God is not the author of confusion, madness, schizophrenia or without order. That also because we were warned that, “We must try,” or put everything to the testing of all spirits, to see if they are of good or not good, evil or otherwise and this is not about the Holy Spirit; which many people still are in serious confusion regarding Spirits, which I have written extensively about in my book.
The results of your testing must therefore make perfect sense, as God is perfect, it must be of good report, it must be consistent with all the other teachings as are from God, and it must never indicate that God is probably sleeping or missing from the throne seat.
It is written that while God said, “You will die.” Yet, another came along and said that, “You shall not surely die, but in this same day you will become the same or perfect, even as God is perfect.”
While yet another bearing words from God the father saying I am the son, I was with the father in heaven and I come unto you with message from “Our Father.” Thereby saying, “You cannot enter into the kingdom of God until you are born again, that is your spirit.” The true You!
FYI: God did not get careless and left the gates to the G of E open. This earth’s life is nothing short of school. We are taught and that is followed by some periods of —? (Testings)
Oh! Really. Then why are we so afraid of the challenges of this life? Why are so many people are literally afraid of dying, when this is part of the plan and path for our progressing to our next classroom or until we accomplished from ten to a thousand or more lifetimes, even as Adam and many others have experienced?
Why do some people feels that they should cause one of our peers to be fallen short of a day in class, by the carless use of a arms; to stop the other person from completing a day at school, knowing, or not, that there is a punishment that is much more severe for those having innocent blood on one’s hand?
Go ahead and hate me if you are feeling it, but because of this that I feel is spiritual wisdom, that, I have and I am constantly seeing and witnessing many various kinds of miracles happening in and throughout my life, and the voices that I hears constantly have so many times saved my life to the ninth times that I have counted and still counting.
As I was writing this post in this very morning, I was graced by the beautiful visitor, a certain (Blue-Jay) bird, that gave me the time and opportunity saying, “Pause what you are doing, go get your phone, take a picture and make a video, I’ll wait but hurry as you can see I am very busy.” This, to me was seen as a very rear opportunity happening at my balcony.

“If you give today and let the pure joy of giving become a part of your life, it is guaranteed that; what you give; you will receive even greater. And if not today then maybe tomorrow.”

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