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To the SBMA group

Re: “Paid for new membership Oct-01-2020,” You’re welcome!

Happy to be included here. There is much to be accomplished for Sandy Bay. That by SBMA preparing for the upgrades and infrastructures for SB in general, I am also, on my end establishing options for generating the EC or EM (i.e. “Easy Cash or Easy Money”) concept, especially for the people there, which also works for people at all ages and people everywhere.

I observed by some of the chats we had in the last few weeks, when the question was raised, and which question still remains on the table unanswered.

You asked the questions: “What can we do? How can we do?” That was regarding our youths.

To those concerns, did raise two points which we could focus on for starters and as part of a strategic approach, we can use for; Attracting their attention and Changing their focal points. This will be similar to what can be in the relationship of the fragrance of sweet-smelling roses, or the fresh perfume of lilac in full bloom does catch one’s attention.

This idea is to distract them from illicit substances, from the desires of holding on to arms and long enough to realize that; life can be very beautiful without those things which you all, and I have come to realize, whereas now, we’re enjoying the beauty of friendship, family and as a community united.

If you look back in your own youthful years and parentage, you will find that your parents had used some form of distractions that have brought you to become the persons you and I are today. I mentioned that as a youth many of you on SBMA, your parents had been a great part of my growing up. I feel that I have a story from every one of your parents as I was a boy.

Some youths respect and listen to their parents’ guide better or more than others. Many other youths take the suggestions much better and more from their peers or others, especially when they are motivated by some forms of, “EC or EM.”

It is also said that “It takes a community to raise children!” Therefore, it becomes us who are to help and assist our youths as we are also part and products of that community of SB.

I can also tell you that, prior to joining this SBMA group, I did a little investigation from a few persons from SB, that except for one person who had heard about it some while ago, who had not taken much thought of; or had seen any of your results there. Well, I know that some major things could be happening just around the corner from you and you’ll never hear about it until months or years after the fact if at all.
I am hoping that; together we can change all that. They deserve to know, especially since we are trying to affect their children, parents need to be properly informed and kept in the loop. This will also give the parents the opportunity for joining in cheering for their children and when the time comes, celebrate with them.
Part of the reason that most people will not join the SBMA, is due to the cost that many cannot afford and will not pay, as there are no monetary values to their pockets. I however feel that, If we are going to do something for the community, we need to have a medium, a platform where everyone from SB and neighbouring communities, or all Hanover, can hop on and be associated with this project. 
Yes! It is our “SANDY BAY” we are talking about, but how many people from other communities came from other places to live at SB, or how many of you went to schools outside of SB even as I did?
We need an open forum that is for free and whereas also, this SBMA mentioned that this is a “Not for Profit organization,” I am guessing that some of you will be paid for your involvement in the back office work, to manage (as you well deserve, it’s a job in itself that I am familiar with), and while most of the members simply pay money to the organization, some will fall short of this payments and eventually drop out due to lack of funds, no earnings, and no jobs.
What I would like to suggest (as I have no voting rights here at SBMA), is that you please call to the table and propose to organize free community chats, however you do it to be for free. This way every person can be updated.
I feel that having so done organized a; “FREE CHAT FORUM,” that all communities can now be involved with SB projects. After all, that will become the News Media for; and belongs to SB whereas, being a community, everyone as citizens of SB deserves to be properly informed.
That being said, what I am offering here is that all of us, every last one will be able to have earnings from. I literally mean every single person everywhere with no biases, with what I was given to develop, all can now create their own financial path given this tools I have set in place for all to get started with; and currently available.
All members now will be able to receive earnings and be able to pay, not for their membership, but for the continuation of the projects for SB and for Hanover to also benefit. Those of you who are (probably) being paid will still receive earnings from this proposal and much more earnings than currently receiving from the SBMA Association if at all you are receiving any compensation at all.
Also, for whatsoever fundraising are needed this, most certainly will give them, all persons, the opportunity to participate in this fundraising for SB Projects and that this company will be able to match each person’s gifts what they contribute to the SBProjects.
With this project in mind, I had gone to college in Toronto, in 2018 to earn my certification for selling travel services, where I have planned for the persons associated with this corporation, will also participate in travel service earnings as I am certified as a travel advisor/Tour operator.
All of these information being mentioned here are also available on this website, be that in my menu main pages or in the “BLOG.” You can read as much as you have time or if interested. Where you will have questions, you can email me via most pages or at the “Contact Links.”

As was said that, “EC/EM; is one of the reasons, what the youths are seeking after.”
So then, as that is the case (and as it was already in my thoughts for years), so I prayed and pondered those things, thus I was informed on what to do in order to set some options in place; that most certainly will provide some of that easiness for them, in order to catch their attention, which (hopefully!) will also distract them from violence and crime. It is the idea for finding them things to do that they enjoy, with our help to promote those wholesome and youthful enjoyments along with them, and us cheering them on.

(3) RE: “SPORTS”
This was also mentioned in our chats a few weeks ago, and which is a huge part of catching their attention, especially when knowing that there is a community supporting them for what they do, that is wholesome and beneficial for everyone, and for Sandy Bay in general.
I for one do appreciate the fact that all of you who had left SB to foreign, does look back and have created SBMA for and on behalf of SB. This tells me of your love and diligence for our “SB.” It gives me a sense that I am not the only one with a passion for its future. Also, now I feel that I am in the company of citizens who still cares.
Sometimes the negative things can teach us a thing or two. And that is the essence of being resilient and openminded.
In the beginning, Satan used the very same strategies with Adam and Eve, that, from the effects of those distractions, even as Jesus had made references to those attempted distractions known as temptations, they still stayed with the people even to this day. And so, even after many thousands of years we (IN GENERAL: Humans, whom we are physical), still not see those things that held us prisoners and what Jesus had pointed out that still, they killed him for saying those things.
Even as we were freed from bondage over two thousand years ago by his resurrection and grace, the effect of Satan’s distraction is still causing our youths to pick up arms, instead of learning to lean on the one greater than us all.
The development and contents of this current website, do serve to explain all that came to my thoughts and having measured them up with the scriptures, it seems, therefore, that is what could, or does work for and in favour of all persons. This website and business still require much work and editing, but the foundation has been laid and it becomes you and others who are to become signed up to make it work for you. I organized it so that others besides myself, must be signed up under another person so that you all will start your earning and even be paid before me.
Many of us are familiar and uses the scriptures as a reference to guide our lives. Here are a few sayings from the scriptures that becomes as a measuring instrument for what we intend on doing
“Finally, my brethren, whatsoever things are true, honestjust, purelovelyof good report; if there be any virtueany praise, think on these things.”
What is more, here are some other things we may reflect on.
Someone first loved me and showed me how I’m to love others.
In my business plans for giving, I am prepared to “FREELY” give 100 T-shirts between October to December 31, 2020.
I plan on freely giving 1000 through January to December 2021, and for 2022 I plan on doubling to 2000 T-shirts whereas, all, has the potential for earning that is associated with those T-shirts.
You will find the website page link at the bottom of this page where you can read according to the business plans.
Therefore, give a fish that you may demonstrate the principles of giving; thereby; you have fed someone for a night while teaching how to fish, you would have fed a family for life.
When a plan is being implemented as an income strategy, it becomes a more urgent matter. For this and other reasons, my book writing has been placed on a temporary hold. Nevertheless, this is the hope; that this gifting will help to deter the youths from illicit options, as well as for those others, who are without jobs and cannot find work, they will now have a means for earning a payday.
While those who have the resources to organize a company have done so based on “the logic” of selling products and services to people who can pay, as them being the market for those products and services, having the money or credit to pay for what is being sold.
But I; on the other hand, had gone and done “the illogical thing,” by creating a corporation for, “Giving freely to people who don’t have moneydon’t have jobs, and who cannot pay for any products or services, yet that sector of consumers is what becomes my market for this business. That is exactly, based on the very things that Jesus did and taught.
For this business I am also a hunter for people’s talents. Those who feel they have a marketable talent, I encourage to let me know about it as I will be seeking to finding those options for organizing how you may be helped in the field of your talents.
A man took credit on a property for growing his produce, but the season of the years turned bad from drought and other issues whereas, he could not pay his debt to his creditor. Therefore, as he was being dragged away to prison, begged for mercy and for more time to pay yet mercy was denied, while his creditor affirmed, it is not mercy that he cares for but justice. 
Nevertheless came another, saying, I will pay the debt of this debtor that justice may be served by my mercy this day. He, therefore, saying, “How ought men to be, even as I am.” Thus! Mercy; rewrote my life!
While we see things as by stained glass, or that which seems impossible, even Illogical, give it time, pray and ponder and soon and very soon we’ll see, or envision the reasons why “God speak of things that are not as though they are.”
We at this organization; have started this campaign for giving away a T-shirt, whereby allowing many people to earn an income, which, by their participation in passing along this FREE-gift to all other families, to let them know that we are trying to reach them, so that we may give this same gift and opportunities for earning, that they are able to care for themselves and for their loved ones and other.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

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