AFFILIATE MEMBERS WHO AREN’T SAVVY WITH COMPUTERS AND WEBSITES Everything is a little hard at the start, but don’t give up, this is a Free Service, THIS IS WHERE “EVERYONE-CAN…!”


You gave me an affiliate website.  Is that the link for people to join? [YES!]

<> or, <>, or <>



[A], Answer!

[Anywhere on any of those website pages there are various existing links for joining (or to register) by placing their emails. As long visitors click on your webpage: coded with (a16), they have been assigned to what are called your downline affiliate clients and the website remembers them for 6-months. So if the first time they did not register till up to 6-month they came back and registered the website, remembered (them) their signature upon entry and still is connected to your network]..


If someone wants to purchase an item or products from me, do they go to the very bottom of my affiliate page and select from any collections listed there? Or they must only choose detox products, which is the store you say I have?[YES!]

[C], YOU ASKED:What if they check another link which is not detox, do I still get a commission.Yes!


These are not clear to me, but is my affiliate site my store also? If not, then where is my store link? YES!

MARKETING: <Women Clothing Short Sleeve T-Shirts Fashion Flower Print Bandage V-Neck Summer Tee Loose Casual Lady 2020 T-Shirt>,

[D1] Marketing Champaign!

[D2] Registering! Monitoring Sales!

[D3] Paying Out Earnings!


[E], YOU ASKED:[Concerning the LdDyno: What  am I to do with that? I see lots of affiliate program info there. Am I just buying things there?



  1. However, Leaddyno is your marketing website.
  2. You can send out as many as 10-emails at a time and it does not spam anyone.
  3. It determines your commissions and payouts.
  4. It looks to recognize activities of who comes, who purchased and who gets commissions. Etc.
  5. When someone registers that info goes to LeadDyno for tracking & Much more!
  6. In LDDY.NO <>, I have and still am placing marketing contents for publication there for everyone to use and you can edit the message to say what you know about the business of the company and why we are encouraging for an email address to  sign up.
  7. Furthermore, while we make everything for free it seems fair that we set two mandates:

REGARDING EACH 30% commission Affiliate-members

[7A]- That as you are generating or recruiting 2-affiliates/members per month to earn 30% commission it is required that 30% commission members must also purchase $18/month [$216/yr] of minimum personal purchases that are not fees.

[B], Answer!

[As long as they initially click on your web link and enter or land on any page of the store they belong to you for six months. After they place their email to subscribe, then they belong to you for life, as long as they are still using that same email address. Also; any items your visiter/clients/affiliates purchased you gain your commissions earned].

[C], Answer!


[You earn your commission each time they or anyone of your downline affiliates purchase anything at all and it does not matter what they buy, you’ll still get your commission].

[D], Answer!

[While I created the corporation and pays all bills {technically speaking it belongs to me}, yet I have created it for “US!” For all of us! No one truly owns anything in this world. One can say it belongs to that person because he or she created and pays the bills, but realistically it belongs to the general public, this is why my Tagline phrase is; “EVERYONE CAN…!”]

[D1], (I feel that because it’s for us I should not charge any initial monthly fees, because, if you are buying products and the company is making reasonable profits, then there should be enough for paying the bills, commission payments, and some left over. I believe the greatest gifts of life were first for free gifts! Also; until benefits are confirmed there should be no fees applied.)

[D2] SO YES!

[If we are doing what should be done, we will gain just 2-new affiliates per month = {20/yr.} and by doing so; you will then begin to earn 30% commission instead of 15%].


[If they (you) apply a bit more marketing efforts and gain 4-new affiliates per month they (you) will confirm to become a director to own 1-share of their (your) downline network (that is): If you have gained 4-new affiliates per month = {40/year}, you become a Regional director owning 1-renewable-share of your network of 40 affiliates and you earn the value of (dividends) from 1-share of all your team’s production from their output or sales profits as a shareholder.

[E], Answer!

THANK YOU FOR ASKING THESE QUESTIONS![So you have 3-website pages and a network of 6-websites and some 25+APPS working in the background just so that they are tools for making and linking so that it all works together for “EVERYONE’S BENEFIT!” (We! Everyone owns this business, some more shares than others by your works) <>, <> and <>, you can click on “” link just above or this line and read about what LeadDyno does.


REGARDING EACH (1-Free-Shareholder) + 30% Commission Affiliate members

[7B]- That as you are generating or recruiting 4-affiliates/members per month to earn 30% commission Plus be granted 1-free-Share-as a Shareholder of your downline Team it is required that 30% commission members including 1-Free-Shareholder members must also purchase $36/month [$432/yr] of minimum personal purchases that are not fees.



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