My Experience Timeline

Michael Blackhall

B2b/B2c Development Liaison & CEO. 

Toronto, Ontario 66777

I am Michael A. Blackhall ‘A Person’s Talent Hunter’ from Sandy Bay,

I am enthusiastic, very joyful about being able to created various ways with means to motivate, able, by helping in capacities where people are found in very great need of opportunities, talented or not. This is especially expected after COVID-19. We are positioned to “HELP” in doing our part.

I was born in Sandy Bay, Jamaica, near Montego Bay. I am currently and progressively creating, establishing various help means for people in the categories which I am able, as well as by the parent corporation of; Blackhall & Associates World Travel Inc., by this current website , other operating linked names ( mostly a NOT FOR PROFIT endeavour. This is supportive of third party contributing partners who are, or can be linked to us; via this website, or at our member’s portal (, plus the various FB. Social Media Portals.

Past Experiences

Car.N.timeShare, Rental & Rideshare Service

I have launched this new Corporation and Services, established as the entry portal for including the people who desire this type of opportunity to earn money by starting a small business in Canada with zero dollars ($0.00).

For Personal & small business. Others who have not realized, are over-paying to the CRA; significantly! Then continues to overpay to your account by not knowing where your benefits, or special deductions are hidden from you that will surprise you (to the positive) upon my pre-audit strategies, to prepare your Tax Return accounting workbook, excels spreadsheets for your filing.

This is an area that the accountants will not do for you even at their rates which can be seen as pretty expensive given the work they do; mostly justifiable.

I have demonstrated this before. In most cases I can help you as well; even to going back three years so to get you a refund that you don’t have to pay back. Otherwise, prepare you for the upcoming years’-report filing. If in the last three years you have paid back on your Taxes, there are many things which are not right, or proper in your workbook spreadsheet. I can fix that for you!

TICO Certified Travel Consultant
The studies in Travel & Tourism to become a travel agent, a very costly, yet necessary it was for me, to be able to make certain contextual statements in my publication documents having been certified with the; “Travel Industry Council of Ontario.”

A Novelist
Written and preparing for publishing of my first three books whih the main book is entitled: “Ghost Train No Exits.” 2020, is one of a series of books/novels to be published. This is another portal for helping to discover talents in persons who are seeking an opportunity, or a contract, to be author or co-author works of literature (books/novels) under the name as: CK Kuya foundation & brand.

This area of contracting can include but not limited to; poetry, drama, songwriting, screen-play writing, etc. I must agree that; much is seen as by a longshot, but the foundation is currently laid. My mission has started when I wrote the first six hundred letter-size pages for the novels mentioned above, which was meant to inspire the first of three Broadway musical to cover specific music and songs from the last seven decades, and a story from late 1949 when CK Kuya is believed to have actually lived.

That is currently on hold due to COVID-19, but is still in planning, as the foundation is already been drafted.

Pioneering with UberX Toronto
Initial Rideshare Toronto Top Diamond Driver maintaining a 4.9/5* rating. Has completed over twenty-five thousand (25K) individual Uber-ride Trips in over 250K, KM. on the road over five years

OMVIC Certified Sales Rep.
That is (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) for selling, New and Used cars: That is; Kia, Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep. nevertheless, I felt much enthusiasm to explore and I was ready to reinvent myself to greater personal satisfaction. That was also when personal resilience mattered.

Certified Water-Meter Installer
I temporarily resorted to my first Plumbing skill, worked it for four years with the city of Toronto Water-Meter Plumbing unit where I have completed jobs in some three thousand (3000) homes in Toronto and interacting with those homeowners where great Customer Satisfaction was mandatory! 

Apprenticeship to Certified, Licensed Millwright

I Worked in these sectors for thirty years (30 yrs.) with major manufacturers, done plumbing, hydraulics, electrical, auto repairs, programming of PLCs, electronic sensories and Robotics.

As an Ontario Corporation Owner: I sold automotive products and services.

Certified Refrigeration and Air Cond Technician & Licensed Proprietorship SBO
Truck driver, Driving School Instructor, Toronto Taxicab driver, Limo-driver, Windows, Doors, Roofing Sales Rep. Big Box Store Sales Advisor/Associate.