Director Pre-welcome Mail

REGISTERED CORPORATION: CanadaRevenueAgency BN: 772724480


This is BAWT Inc., initial welcoming mail to you on the matter of collaborating to form our most multiculturally focused corporation in development.

I’m Michael A. Blackhall and the founder of the organization.

While we are starting out as a big name, we still have quite a ways to climb, nonetheless it stands the reason I’m seeking for members such as you, who has had some higher learning to be the head of this corporation.

Based on the facts mentioned below, I’m bending down all the limbs for reaching out to those who would have never had such an opportune chance to corporate escalations. So I’m presenting these opportunities to those who are inclined for corporate careers and ownership to such an entity where currently no fees are being charged for starting upwards.

Response To Resume

For some who are applying: Now that you’ve sent in your resumes, I have observed your experiences, skill sets mentioned, where for some; I have previously spoken with you to some length, I’ve seen some of your social media accounts which has informed me beyond your resumes, so I do have more from your profiles beyond your resumes.

Your Invitation

I can also say that, I understand your persona so much that I feel you are very good for these business and projects. By this it becomes an encouragement to curate a position for you in this BAWT Inc., organization. The expectation then; is to invite you to join [Link] BAWT Inc., as a director with benefits, however; without corporate shares at the beginning.

Compensation Regards

Within 6-months to a year, depending on what you wish for and your satisfaction in the first 6-months, the plans are to promote you to Regional VP/director with free corporate shares, extra benefits and other Free Incentives, which includes dividends each year, based on profits. Your salary will depend on you, where your output is with no capping limits, whereas this type of career assignment & association are always or most often with or compensated based on commissions.

On this note on salary/compensation, we’ll discuss further, but you must know that while most companies are paying up to 15%, those whom has been selected for RVP positions are going to be started at the 30% marker, plus incentives, bonuses and end of year dividends/profit sharing earnings.

This would normally be at the 15% marker, but for RVP rate is where we’ll start everyone while everyone performs from the lower director’s task and work your way up till we’ll adjust your designation only. There are some legal issues involved with regards to the corporate VP position, which you are not yet ready for, but soon you’ll grow into the same.

Our Inclusive Goal

[Coming soon] <>.

As part of our goal, is to develop this organization into The Most Multiculturally Focused & Family Oriented Business, where All Members Are The Owners, globally. Also where all members can become an RVP/director. People who never had a chance for such a corporate position are now able to have these things on the global scale. This has never been done before like this, simply because in general, this is not seen as practical and so the biggest reason is because people, by nature are very selfish and are all about the “ME” word.


In most or many companies, the employees are not allowed to bring their family members, however; at this company (BAWT Inc.,) everyone can bring and create jobs for all your family members and friends wherever they are or living in the world. Nevertheless, while that then is the case and policies, all are governed by and under the corporation’s stated or implied bylaws.

For anyone you know of, who is out of work and struggling for earnings, it becomes your job to reach out to those persons and then find a position or means for that individual to have earnings to their capabilities. If only it means to donate a 1-Tee shirt to that person with a website link assigned to him, her, the person, or them where potentially can have earnings.

By wearing that shirt or any apparel with something interesting or attractive printed on it, someone may visit their *website* and purchase something to then give 30% earnings to that individual. Whether they be blind, deaf, mute, with mobility disability, dismemberment, impairment or with other severe conditions, etc, “EVERYONE-CAN” have earnings here at BAWT Inc., & CK-Kuya Project, simply because everyone wears clothing and because we care.

*Website comments* [all members get Free-e-Commerce-websites & Free-marketing back-office-dashboard analysis-website].

If You Wear It Get Paid

You should know that each person who wears any apparels with prints on them, have become the biggest billboards of our time. While your shirts, hats or shoes bears any brand you are advertising and marketing for that brand without payment. So whether a person is disabled or mute or healthy or sick they are still advertising for a brand and not getting paid, but have paid to advertise that very same brand (as in purchased that product & advertising same brand unaware). So why are we not getting paid?

This becomes our job to provide opportunities for everyone on a global scale. Everything is very difficult as in very hard at the onset, but with time we’ll get there. The sooner we can do these things the better the world is promised to become. It is for a specific reason that this organization has so many product lines and that is to be able to provide for the many requirements and need.

What are required from you now, is for you to tell us exactly;

  • What will make you very happy in your career?
  • What could be the job you would wish to be doing on a daily basis?
  • You may suggest 3-choices? what is #1 & #2? then let’s see which is easier for the company to accommodate on your behalf.

We will look over your elective career desires and then ask for a meeting with you for a discussion, as it will be presented to you, as seems to be a good fit to your desired career choice for participation.

Director Positions Available

On the corporate level, I now have many the various positions open to be filled. And to name a few of the more urgent positions are from as listed:


Corporate Secretary, Jamaica Sr. General RVP & Other Regional VP/Directors, International Correspondence Agents Director, CFO & finance, Sr. Marketing directors, Funds generation director, Website services director, Mechanical engineer Director, Project management directors.


Marketing & Social media directors (many required), Content writer (NewsLetter, Literature, Magazines, Publications, Menus, Intake-Promotional) Events planner/directors (several, esp in Jamaica),


PR, CSR, Sales Associates. X-travel Advisor / Vacation / Excursion / Advisor, Destination Mobile & Transportation Directors, Excursions Booking Directors, Destination Tour-guide, Product knowledge Teacher / Trainer Directors,

Jamaica Destination Venue Director, Destination Entertainment Directors, Various Project Sourcing Director Management.

BAWT Training [Members Only]

All businesses with an eye on success, must have set in place the means for ongoing training sessions.

All members who have completed any high school, college or university training are able to teach the basics after having some internal training,

  • Learn on Youtube, website pages, email questions or connect on Google-docs.

Visit on our [Link] product and services/Training. Website menu item being processed.

All Top-tier director managers shall become a trainer for some subjects. Whatever you desire in the Top-tier position will be made ready for you. Let’s just discuss these things and be ready for the management director role.


In some time after some discussions on Zoom, WhatsApp or Emails and within about 90 days, we’ll be ready to host a general orientation meeting with all the initial managers I’ve hand picked in this segment of placing managers/directors & Regional VPs. NOTE: EVERYONE-CAN!

So take some time and decide on what your role in the company you wish for and then, let’s have some discussions regarding, as we will curate your various positions and be ready to welcome you as a director at BAWT Inc. Toronto, Canada. asap.


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  • TRAINING OPPORTUNITY, [follow link]
  • TRAINING PER SCHEDULES, [follow link]
  • TOOLS TO TASK (TTT), [follow link]
  1. NEW (Refurbished-like-new) Laptop COMPUTER For BUSINESS (Included With Scheduled Training)

Defining Our Training Objectives [follow link]

Coming Soon!

Michael A. Blackhall [B2B/B2C Liaison, Founder President & CEO]