An APP, other development tools for our various solutions, included for our next Phase-5.5 project.


The incumbent developer shall be Freelancer, otherwise affiliate director(s) and member(s) [atcmb] of this said organization, which development has to be securely contained within the organization’s vaults, which COPYRIGHTS and articles of such copyright shall belong and remain the property of this said corporation of BAWT Inc., under the responsibility of its board members only.

In all the above, the incumbent developer will be required as a fully installed board director to participate in applicable segments from the above developments.

Should you be able to see the need of others first and are ready to team with this organization on how we can help many individuals, then can we be partners.

Regarding Copyright

As a director of the corporation, any application(s) you’ve created for the company shall with its copyright remain the property of this said corporation whether that director remained with the company yes or no.

At this point in time, the onlook of our websites are not yet up to par, for there remains much work at hand for dressing, tiding and for getting it to the level of global professional presentation and SEO optimization. Much work still remaining.


We’re not quite there yet to initiate these development processes. However; through R&D we’re collecting data information. These ideas are in planning to include reasons, for type, for functionalities and for managing multiple options.

Inexperience Developers


There is a sparkle of reminder found, that a prominent & certain Gr8-Master required some helpers and partners for his business development. While there were many filled with much experience, high-rated success and great wisdom, yet the ragged, poor and ill-fated were called to serve instead.


EVEN WITHOUT GED – Where someone is an Independent or Freelancer developer, anyone seeking to develop in career, in business, or earning ability requirement; having even little or no strong experience, then are they offered collaboration and membership.


WHEN THERE IS AN INTEREST – BAWT’s vision is to reach out to assist for building an alliance with:

  • All members! Other individuals! Other cultures of the world!
  • All who are of the less-fortunate, we are interested in these individuals,
  • All communities of small businesses,
  • All who are self-employed and seeking progress.

Experienced Developers

Where someone is with many years of business success, with great success in fortune 500 company, having developed some many millions of $$$ for other successful companies, then perhaps we may not hire such a service, we’ll most probably not able to afford your experience, except by some specific negotiated terms.

Our Business Is Not, Yet Is

BAWT’s business is not by designation for charities, it is for profit, and yet charitable by nature. However, it was developed to provide several earning options to people who have great financial needs and with very little chance for getting ahead.

Developments Purposes


That after given rides to 35K+ UberLyft passengers during Toronto night drives from year 2014 to current, it became evident for what services are yet desired even required, which are many and largely in demand.

Our Services

  • This is for people coming off or out of rehab, trying to get back on their feet,
  • For people who’ve been out of job, hard to find work yet are not the lazy ones,
  • For the people on the streets, who can never get any jobs,
  • For the riff-raffs, for the [so called] bums, EVERYONE-CALLED!
  • For those who can’t find their way home or to re-liberate themselves standing alone,
  • For ambition driven career students, who must pay their own way for getting ahead,
  • It’s for those people who are working several part time jobs, trying to make ends meet,
  • For the desperate mothers who’ll sell themselves short, but still have some ambition remaining,
  • For anyone who are able on social media options, knows how to use a smartphone,
  • For those who are down, dirty and dead-broke,
  • For the homeless, it’s for those who are charity cases,
  • For the handicaps, those with any form of disabilities, the unfortunate or less-fortunate ones,
  • This is for the small people whom nobody sees, for the crowd towers over them in the shadows,
  • For the broken hearted who are left with nothing with nowhere to go,
  • For all those who are well on their way to great success in their business.
  • For the highly educated ones with profession, as well for those with no education or profession.
  • For those reasons we’ve not installed any monthly membership fees, it’s all for a no charge service.
  • In this organization this is where; “EVERYONE-CAN…!”

Applying To Service With Us

Should the applicant or subscriber have it in you, To realize such a desire for providing this kind of service to “EVERYONE” who has this need, then are we ready to welcome you as an affiliate member of this development.

Welcoming Leaders

As part of our corporate strategies for installing our board of directors, we’re first of all giving free shares to each member to be recognized as shareholders, to those with desires of becoming managers, directors and even to VP/directors, where “EVERYONE-CAN!” SEND US YOUR RESOME. FOLLOW THIS LINK <>

Your Subscription

Should you realize that this is suitable for you, You’ve decided to join our members community network, There are many things and projects you’ll be involved with. There will be great compensations earned for your extra work and collaborations, whereas; you’ll be a top tier shareholder officer, where “EVERYONE-CAN!”

Directional Heading Organization Vision


All of this current work was to follow after I’ve written and published a novel with Title as: ‘Ghost Train No Exits’ whereas; the story has already been written and publisher has been fully paid up. This will also include a series of books of short stories relative to the organization.


My second story will be based on my experience with giving rides to 35K+ UberLyft riders in Toronto. Being involved with rideshare services, I do have a Slew and many more stories to tell and my riders wants to hear them, being a Diamond Top driver with 4.92 avg 5*rating.

I don’t know how many other drivers have earned in a single 25-minutes drive Tip of $100CAD & $50CAD for 20-mins drive.

The Vision In Progress

  • An in theatre and cultural musical to be produced after first book publication,
  • Our current e-commerce website business <>
  • Our current affiliate marketing website business <>
  • Our current Social Media website <>
  • Our current MLM website <bawt-ckkuya>
  • Our current Amazon segment as a Pro-seller <>
  • Our current Marketing Incentive program for giving or selling Vacations through 125 Resorts
  • Our current affiliation with Expedia and Bookings dot com
  • Our current in planning Caribbean Cultural Travel and Vacation Tour Operator <> coming soon!
  • Our cycle marathon (Guinness Book does not yet have this record they are ready to work with us on this project) for annual and global presentation for boosting tourism sector