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BAWT RE-RAP [Rehab & Restore Assist Program]

As part of the CK-Kuya Project, this ‘RE-RAP’ was developed as part of providing the means for helping persons who are seeking to recover, restore their dignity and to re-liberate themselves.

For all the reasons that require people to seek rehabilitation, we seek to help in the ways that we might possibly assist, in doing our part where we can help.

Providing this service through our RE-RAPs, we are now hiring Independent Affiliates Agents in all your regions and to organize this service in the most meaningful way for the participants.

What Is RE-RAP

Everything you need to know about BAWT RE-RAPS


When registering to be an affiliate, we encourage you to state your interest in any of our programs, services, events, as a contributor or as a recipient on the line provided.


We provide free e-Commerce website pages to individuals and families who are in need of financial help besides borrowing to cause further debts. By doing so, is the actions of our service and the means for hopefully generating the funds they stand in need of in the days ahead.


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All signing up begins with our Affiliate program where we source earnings and commission-income to individuals, families, contributions to assist charitable organizations, to help generate revenues to the local stores and SME companies.


There are many persons in the world who are bursting at the seams with talent and abilities, but who are stifling and drowning by disillusions, that they cannot amount to anything, that they are wasting their time and so they never get off from where they are grounded or caged by the lies of their own thoughts or of others.



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Our event processes are such that we seek to create recurring events and for the purposes of generating funds for and in behalf of our affiliates as their well-spring for drawing on funds they stand in need of. We seek after the hidden talents of people and does our best to help them in the ways as we can or set up to participate in their development process.

Partner with Us

To participate we encourage you to register, to partner with us to arrive at our 80/20 Goal and Quest.

The Leap Forward

Our endeavour is to take the leap, break that cycle for helping our affiliate members with the leap forward to their liberation. To be able to do this, we know that there are many individuals, groups, organizations who feels the same and who would love to contribute.

Self Injuries

There are still many people who are causing self injuries as a result of those thoughts reasons mentioned above and so we are reaching out to you who are able to contribute towards these projects.

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After registering please also visit our sign up page , where you can learn more about our projects and choose how you wish to contribute. We and many in the world will greatly appreciate your help by partnering with CK-Kuya Project and all Affiliates.

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