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Obama-Promo-2021-22, All Purchases, NEGOTIATE YOUR PRICE, Plus Registered Email Earns 15% In Commissions, Promoter Earns 30% Commission, EVERYONE-CAN!

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WHEN HIRED: This organization will pay by a base salary to each affiliate person hired as independent, starting at the standard or above minimum wage mandated in Ontario, Canada, Year 2021-22 per hour equivalent payments as a base salary equivalent by commission. <> SELF-EMPLOYED INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR EARNS NEARLY DOUBLE

FREE HOLIDAYS VACATION: Each 30% affiliate earner receive one 3-4-days vacation per year. For extra vacation days, travel for 6-7 days and pay for 3-4 days only, follow the seller-LINK-at, <>.

ACTUAL HOURS WORKED: We do not track nor quantify anyone actual or productive hours working for this company. EARNINGS JUSTIFIED BY YOUR WEBSITE PERFORMANCE NOT HOURS. <>

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EARNING AGENCY: This Agency is based on New Members Sign-Up & Sales Output. (info),


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Here at BAWT, we are interested in the talents & skills of persons that are not being used. We now have plans in place to help people start using their dormant skills they were blessed with. TAKE THE <SERVICE LINK TOUR NOW> TO SEE WHERE DO YOU PREFER TO START


  • All options offered outweigh building your own ecommerce website.
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After pandemic the world will lose 20-30% of companies, a lot of companies will shut down with jobs lost.

  • Along with eCommerce sales, you will able to earn commissions from the likes of Tourism-Excursions when back online, all trades, competitions, entertainments and various events now starting up, each by changes & stages in time.
  • o if plans for 2021 pull through as anticipated, those are all areas for everyone to earn commissions from across the board and not just from eCommerce only.
  • The scope of possibilities at <> are great, hopefully helpful, EVERYONE CAN” GAIN FROM; AFTER PANDEMIC.


  • BAWT will operate parallel with SME, Local stores, Shops, Parlours, Spas, Medicals, Hospitals, Trades, Charitable organizations,
  • BAWT gives the first Preferred shares for FREE to each director renewable annually and win free annual vacations by joining our network,
  • We are open to your suggestions, negotiation on how you can be an associate Director in this corporation.


  • Where pricing may be a concern for someone, we have added on the website where shoppers can negotiate for reasonable price they wish to pay.
  • If a shopper likes to bid on products we have also set up a purchase by bidding also.
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PROS: Establishing the company is not an idea anymore, All of the above that officiates a corporation is already in place from Jan of 2018. Now we are sourcing to build up our management team so that associates and affiliates may begin working.

CONS: Perhaps biggest drawbacks one will have is to question, “How are we able to do this for free?” It’s pretty simple really; once we come to realize that, in this life my friends; nobody truly owns anything except you’ll purchase $249 or more, over 12 months of each year you, Win 1 FREE Vacation per year, free 3-7 days Incentivised Vacation. Click the link now!

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  • CLASSIFIED ADS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, SALES WORK, HOT JOBS, Do you enjoy selling when your website making sales for you. Hiring Self-employed, Outside Sales Promotional Reps, Agents, Independent Contractors, EVERYONE-CAN Work by Commission Globally.

  • Affiliates can now set up small business Pro-sellers CK-KUYA Amazon Store, Become BAWT franchisee, Retail products in your physical stores, kiosks, flea-markets, online free websites, Free social media web.

  • If a person is a ‘Local Plumber or Home Reno,’ now EveryOne plumbers, Can have a FREE website products page associated with your jobs type, like Under-kitchen Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, monthly replacement filters & accessories. Those plus commissions from Travel excursion, events, Destination Weddings commissions and not just from plumbing services or replacement parts. & CK-Kuya Project NOW ACCEPTING SUBSCRIPTION TO OUR FREE TOP TIER DIRECTOR MANAGEMENT POSITION NOW AVAILABLE!

For Our Fiscal Year in 2022, is Appointing Shareholders & Managers in Board Of The Directors where you can develop in a Top-Tier Executive position for owning shares in a corporation that start you off at no fees or investments.

CK-Kuya Project Niche is for generating income where EVERYONE-CAN Earn by OBAMA-Promo-2021-22, where members can start earning by BAWT offering 1-Year, FREE-IN CLASS-A,B,C AFFILIATE CORPORATE SHARES in units of 1A, 2B, or 5C-Shares. CONTACT FOR INFO

Reason offering Unit of Shares in Classes, the company seeking teams together for handle upcoming developments, as part of this current phase-4 and into phase-4.5 project development. There are 6-phases involved that are linked by segments and stages of various relative progressions. SUBSCRIBE HERE REQUEST PASSWORD.

Should you desire looking into involvement to develop this niche in Affiliate Earning Agency Program, as a Free-partner and feel the need to observe our Shareholder Proposal of the Agreement,


BY INVITATION, the company can use all specific skill-sets and invite you to be a 1- free Shareholder/director. This is a one-time offer to everyone who is interested in 2021 & into 2022. This offer won’t last beyond 2022. THIS <BAWT.TECH> AND <CKKUYA.COM> HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ONLINE MARKETING AND ECOMMERCE WITH NO MONTHLY FEES AND HIGH COMMISSION.