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I’m Verlene; so happy to be an Associate in CK-Kuya Project!

Verlene B.
Associate/Director || New Jersey, USA

This is such an easy eCommerce opportunity to participate in, even when you didn’t realize that you could. You have no upfront fees, business investments or corporate management responsibilities to be concerned with, only that you’ll be telling your friends about this for sure! All your friends, everyone you know over 16; can get their personalized & FREE website page, especially your family and friends in your original home country. They also choose their products from basically any trade categories.

By registering; [with CK-Kuya ProjectBAWT Affiliate programBAWT RE-RAP, Your Community Best Photo Competition, or to comment in Spiritual Discussions Blogs] I’m helping and supporting the Mission, Goal and means for providing income opportunities to those who need it most or could use the extra income.


If you haven’t got this as yet, now is a great time! Request your own account then you’ll receive an email with your Personal LeadDyno Back-Office-Link, Select your three products in Category then we’ll set up you’re website.


To Benefit Your Home Country, This Program Help You Start Your Home Community Competition, Helps You, Your Friends, Families or Others to Earn. This is; “Where Everyone Can…!”Register here!


  • Any Ideas You Have; for starting a business we can help! If you don’t know where to begin, visit our Classified Ads: or Service Options to select what works for you, or send Michael an email to request help to bring your ideas alive. Email to: Support@ckkuya.ca or Join our WhatsApp Group Chat below.
  • Any Products you wish for online marketing; can be found in our Online Warehouse-Hub! If you did not find, you can request three product items per category, or request more product categories plus items for a small upgrade fee. State also the level of pricing and quality range from lowest to mid, or from mid to very expensive price range per your demographic market.
  • Any Service you want to offer; We Can Help; by including your marketing right here! You only need to tell us about it and we can help! Visit our Service Options.
  • Payment Plan: Do you need to Pay for products or Equipment by Installments, there is a “Payment by Installments offer that pops-up when you select your products at our Website-Warehouse-Hub.


If you’ve never made contributions to SBMA or others charities, this Affiliate Program can give you opportunities to do so. BAWT will help you double any amount you contributes, by matching exactly what you’ve paid out from your commissions earned from this program.

When all members come together and work collectively, your Charity organization will be able to cover more areas and more projects accomplished.

At <BAWT.tech> you get to contribute without having to do so from your primary employment income, but from commissions earned where you did not have to go out to work each day.

This project organized; TO RECTIFY THE LACK OF JOBS! When you don’t have it we help you create it! No one can say anymore that they have nothing to sell. We’ll give you a FREE PERSONALIZED WEBSITE, fully marketed with any products in any trade or category you like to advertise. Do you have any questions please ask we’ll update you? bawt@batravel.ca


To be informed on the loads of opportunities available, visit the FAQs in Main menu page to understand this Project, Program, also about us. So let’s build on accomplishing our AMNESTY QUEST for safe communities EVERYWHERE together because, This is; “Where Everyone Can…!


I have featured here just a few casuals & semi-casual favourites for the ladies, guys and me, and a bit of wardrobe items during this time of COVID-19 Pandemic Request To Stay Home! RegisterWebsite Details


I have added a few of my favorite products. You can also choose your page products after you have registered. All customers earn initial 15% by negotiate, 15% or 30% commission. Our members also earn 15% commissions from all purchases through your website link and even from your own personal purchases.

Not Yet a Member there are no charges or fees, register <https://batravel.ca/> at the link, Win Your Free Black Friday Vacation Incentive, we’ll prepare all your personal links, Web page landings and accesses. So give us some time to link them all.

Buy From Yourself

If you work in any Hospital, Medical related, PSW, caregiving or hospitality industry, you will see a lot of these uniforms. Buy from yourself or through other members’ websites. You earn 15% after purchase and they earn 15% commissions. Promote your page and earn 30% <https://batravel.ca/new-member-asked/>

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