Cellest B. / Jr. Associate Manager

I’m Cece, so happy to join CK-Kuya Project!

This is such an easy eCommerce opportunity to participate in, even when you didn’t realize that you could. Nevertheless, this is “Where Everyone Can!” From 16-yrs young to seniors, you have no upfront fees, membership fees or investments to be concerned with, only you’ll be telling your friends for sure!


Here, I have featured just a few casual & semi-casual favs for the ladies, guys and me.

Please take a peek, won’t you!

The list are from regular T-shirts & Wear yourself CK-Kuya T-shirt brands, to canvas or picture wall-frames, then anything in categories as you desire. CK-Kuya caters to nearly all products in trade sectors.


To get your own, simply register with your email and choose three product categories, and before you know it; you are an eCommerce business person blogging on all blocks. You’ll have your own free website page you can link to social media, email, WhatsApp, even print your link [suggested] on your T-shirts or wall frames as they are practically your employer, it earns you free commissions, tons of benefits to say the least.


Visit the <FAQ menu item or Click here> to explore what your benefits are. It’s worth the ride with CK-Kuya and the Project.

Here I have selected my picks, take a peek!