Associates Business-Plan-Guide

That is:

  • M: Be self Motivated
  • E:  End-Goal Prepare to achieve
  • M: Manage self for business
  • B: Budget wisely
  • E: Plan on being an Example
  • R: Plan, Work towards the positive, generate Results:
  • S: Sales, Salary, Savings

MICHAEL A. BLACKHALL Founder/President

I spend my time now creating and designing many ways and means for creating jobs, provide income means to families for an extra income, as a second or third line of earning.

You probably arrived here; due to one of our publications, or that you are curious to the reason this business, so not new; but certainly unique to peak your curiosity to question:

  • Does it work?
  • Will, it put money in your pockets?

After any first purchase of any size, all clients/customers are recognized as a valuable affiliate.

  • Affiliates may opt-in to become hired, be paid as an affiliate with wages or commissions, plus benefits, and paid phone data plan, even Government Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP) as a benefit when opt-in.
  • Affiliates may also opt-in and become An-Associate-Affiliate [i.e. Triple-A Affiliate] to participate in the CK-Kuya Project community, to purchase from their own store link [free gift from CK-KP], purchase from other associates link, advertise their items on CK-KP social/Shopicial/media network [APP] and to earn much more.

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