Who am I?

Michael A. Blackhall, This is who I am and the sixth of my parents seven children.

As far as we have the accurate information, as started with my grandfather and grandmother, whom I have numbered into our ‘Family Tree’ as #BA and representing as whois, Blackhall/Anderson (being: ‘John, sr., & Rebecca’).

In 1996, I began collecting my family history with the intentions of securing my family tree. I had spent quite a lot of time and some money in family searches and genealogical digging placing those information on my computer.

By the year 2004, my computer hard drive stopped working and the person who worked on it ensured me that I would not lose any information after he would be finished repairing and resetting it up again. He was dead wrong, because at the start up of the now repaired computer, that all of my information was deleted, and so was my motivation to continue researching my history.

I therefore left it for a few years only to realize that it seems as though someone (like a spirit) said to me, “Go on and spend my time on building from what I have, where I am and focus on the family ahead instead of behind.” That I should prepare a way for the future and not of self, as that is our purpose. I also began to realize how much I loved my family combined.

Grandparents Blackhall/Anderson (BA-0) JOHN & REBECCA

GF:BLACKHALL 1893-1978


Number of Children

Harry #BA-1 and Johnny #BA-2

John and Rebecca had no girls so they adopted Joyce Watson #BAa-3

Whereas now this is: My Family History and the generations thereof.

This Blackhall & Associates company must therefore be entrusted to all family Blackhall members under “BA” whois John & Rebecca and all who have responded to confirm their nomination to join the company’s list of proposed directors and where all family members by default and by the company policy are directors.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. “

Michael J. Fox