You’ll also have the chance for steering your career options and opportunities basically in the way and direction that you desire it to go, as you’ll be in the Top-tier management of the company.

I’ve also built-in many incentive options, benefits and bonuses of the highest commission rates possible for you and all members. Everyone honouring their commitments can then rise to RVP in the very said manner.


Although this company is still at startup and not yet able to show trends, however; all those things are the policies and bylaws that the company that it is being build on, where you will also be a member for ensuring by your vote on those commitments.


Another really large factor is the fact that, as Toronto is the most multinational/multicultural city in the world, I’m hiring people who’ll assist me in fashioning this company after the multi-ethnicity in similar fashion after Toronto, where all the languages are presented and appreciated.


This organization shall be the example and in demonstration with regards to the many over and above the one or few! So for this reason this company is being developed by the practicum and within the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) CODE #62419, Primarily engaged in providing non-residential Social Assistance Services for Individuals and Families.


In this regard, it shall be noted that this company was established and developed based on the facts of the foregoing.


  • Free membership (IE: No membership fees applied),
  • Gifts giving (IE: Where those gifts are free {void of member to BAWT Inc.,} payment responsibility),
  • Management business responsibilities (IE: Without the organization financial obligations),
  • Management responsibility existence (IE: other than those of management enforcement that are not monetary obligations on behalf of the said organization). 
  • Members shall perform in the similar fashion as though being an employee (however; are not employee but independent contractors), thus self-employed unless otherwise contracted.


Unless otherwise properly, clearly, openly and appropriately stated, there shall be no membership fees applied with this corporation and any payments received, must be based on products or services which one has purchased otherwise have voluntarily donated or contributed.


While the above company of; BAWT Inc., <> and its policy(s) remains relevant, it reserves the right of change without prior notices which shall not be overlooked or over-booked.