Chapter – 3 [Crime Against The Giver Of Life]


There are still so many things we are yet to overcome, to become and finally accomplish in this life that has been loaned to us. People killing is not one of those things.

            It seems we are not conscious that our bodies (like vessels) and the life that it houses are not belonging to us. We are all spread out across the earth on a mission, to explore, to build and to acquire those things we are able to bring back when the bodies die.

            To end the life of someone is a great violation against our allies, as well as the giver and sender to life. While we try to sanction punishments in this life, the ultimate penalties are dealt with after the bodies die.

[The Goal For Reduction]

The things that I am given to write and do; are to dissuade others from crime against the giver of life; that must promote progress towards the goal for accomplishing the following:

  • A shift from “People-Killing,” to the good productive works toward humanity,
  • To reduce Homicide crimes eighty percent by the year 2040.

            To tell a person to not kill when there was already an assumed desire also means; the cup holding that desire becomes empty and nothing can remain empty, if at all it could. That is: by removing the desire for killing, we must inspire to replace that desire, with something near and dear to that person.

  • So then, what are those things that are near and dear to each person?
  • Could it be something each person is passionate about?
  • Could it be a passion for literature composition?
  • Could it be a certain discipline in the performing arts?
  • Or; Could it be a hidden ability to teach a subject?

            It is to be noted that, the current system; implied to be for a resolution for those violations mentioned, is not new, it has been in place for many thousands of years, yet there is still no progress towards ending those violations which include gun-violence resulting in People-Killing.

  • Does that not prove how this system is clearly obsolete, not working, never worked?
  • Does it not imply a level of uselessness?
  • That after so many thousands of elapsed years without any plausible results; proved indubitably that there needs to be a change, the likes that communities of the world have to make, and that; since Governments and Monarchies, Principalities and Powers are clearly incapable of doing?

[Misinformed Minds Careless Hands]

Are parents, families and loved ones still not mourning because of misinformed minds and careless hands?

I was inspired to write books whereby; careless hands can be found to be productive in good works, producing results that follow our spirit after the bodies die.

For the things that I said, “I can help” in, does not mean that I am so smart, qualified, able in all things to do on my own. No!

            It means that; I have been given that which I am to write and publish,  that we must learn to acknowledge what is spiritual; different from that which is physical.

That we cannot rectify a spiritual issue by the applications of physical means only.  With respect to the Universal Law of cause and effect, it cannot work! Never did! Hence we’ve been failing for many thousands of years and countless numbers of generations passed and still, we fail to acknowledge the source of this problem sufficient to cause this change.

[Action The Brainchild]

            In many cases, the very thing we seek earnestly to find was never lost, but for all this time has been there in clear view, yet never appeared to sight, till after the search subsides. These things I was told to write are not new, but seem peripheral only.

It needs to be acknowledged that thought precedes action, an action is the brainchild of that thought and one of the initial steps we need to look into. But the would-be killers do not really care about that, or of cause and effect do they?

For this reason, we must determine the alternative steps we need to do as communities together in order to attract and to raise their curiosity and to be attentive. Would-be killers or offenders in most cases have no concepts or cares for what is stated within the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

These are the reasons and for what the CK-KUYA Project80/20 is all about.

[Hearing Voices Normal]

It is to also be acknowledged that, because a person hears voices does not necessarily make anyone mad, insane, schizophrenic, or the sole reason to be sedated or for one to cause self-injury.

Hearing voices are normal to each individual person. 

Be enlightened regarding; how many thousands of spirits are talking to us on a constant basis? When this is not realized, yes! It could be overwhelming at times and it depends on the persons’ frame of mind as to how well this can be dealt with.

            My writings (first publication late 2020); will further enlighten that, because someone hears a voice in the mind; implying an action does not mean that it is by any mandate that it must be executed.

Until we are sedated, infected, injected, or have ingested something foreign in our system, we were meant to always be in control of our thoughts and the actions that follow. This also means we are able to shut down those voices, and if not; learn how to silence or ignore them.

            NOTE: This is the only way to end the actions of people-Killing. We need to change our mind-set and acknowledge what is spiritual. We need to accomplish this by the year 2040, July.